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Ventimiglia Market Day


This morning I managed to get myself out of bed at 7, then went for breakfast and then to the train to get tickets to Ventimiglia. Ventimiglia is a small (relatively speaking) town just across the border in Italy. By regional train about an hour from Nice, by direct on the way back, about 35 minutes with a nice scenic drive.

Every Friday this town hosts a huge market which is very famous in the Riviera area. Hundreds of French alone head over there every Friday for the market which is HUGE. Stretching across the towns sea front. Lots of neat stuff, lots of ripoffs, and some great-looking meat, ie skinned pigs with their eyeballs still on and chickens the same. Mm. . . . I bought myself a Zidane shirt to be ready for the game on Sunday and of course some limoncello.

Very very interesting town!


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