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July 2006

Ventimiglia Market Day


This morning I managed to get myself out of bed at 7, then went for breakfast and then to the train to get tickets to Ventimiglia. Ventimiglia is a small (relatively speaking) town just across the border in Italy. By regional train about an hour from Nice, by direct on the way back, about 35 minutes with a nice scenic drive.

Every Friday this town hosts a huge market which is very famous in the Riviera area. Hundreds of French alone head over there every Friday for the market which is HUGE. Stretching across the towns sea front. Lots of neat stuff, lots of ripoffs, and some great-looking meat, ie skinned pigs with their eyeballs still on and chickens the same. Mm. . . . I bought myself a Zidane shirt to be ready for the game on Sunday and of course some limoncello.

Very very interesting town!


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Funny, Odd, and Creepy Things in the South of France

semi-overcast 28 °C

1) Today I saw two obese people. Yesterday I saw three obese people. I think they were either Canadian or American. Maybe I will keep a tally of the obese people I see.

2) Last night I got my 1000th request for a lighter. Something like that anyways.

3) Auto-Ecole. If you have ever been to France you can understand how ridiculously funny it was for me to watch a student driver learning how to parallel park with a cushion of about 5cm on either end.

4) Last night was ridiculous. We went back to the pub to watch the France-Portugal match. They won. OH dear. When we stepped outside we could barely move there were so many people who were:
a) screaming allez les bleus (ive come up with my own, its tuez les bleus, but if anyone actually hears me saying it i might not make it home)
b) shooting fireworks into the crowded street
c) popping loud gun-like sorta things
d) making out very publicly
e) honking honking honking all damn night so that it was hard to sleep thank you

I am interested to see what it will be like if France wins on Sunday... but I kind of think they will lose. France will go into a serious depression... or at least maybe there heads will shrink back to a normal sort of size.

5)At McDonalds on your receipt when you buy something there is an access code on the top. TO go to the toilet you punch your access code into the panel on a very space aged door and it lets you in to go pee. Yesterday I had to pee verrryyy badly but I had already thrown out my receipt.

6) TODAY IT IS WINDY! It is NOT cold but theres the slightest feeling of cool in the wind. It is very exciting. Later it is supposed to pour!!!!! YAYYYY! I am sick of this beautiful weather. The poor French people didnt know what to do with themselves today in this cold weather. There were tiny French dogs huddled together with their sweaters on, confused French men wearing LONG-SLEEVED SHIRTS. Gasp. Hair extensions were blowing so carelessly in the wind, designer shirts were getting creased- No one knew what to do so the city declared a state of emergency. The shops had to shut down and everyone was forced to flee to somewhere less windy. Absolute chaos.
Just Kidding.


A few mornings ago I noticed on the sidewalk on the route that I walk to school (a very average busy street) there were bloody footprints. Not just one or two, but bloody footprints that came from across the road on to the sidewalk, along the sidewalk about 30 meters PAST A HOSPITAL, then continued around a corner. This creeped me out/disturbed me quite a bit. No one else seemed phased at all by it (they just stepped in paint). But no, it was clearly blood and a looooot of it. As in its still there today. I followed the footprints a few meters around the corner after lunch today and it turns out thats where the emergency entrance to the hospital they passed is. For some reason that makes me feel a bit better... Creepy.

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A wild night in Monaco

[/b]Bale...[b] Monte Carlo was crazy. (very nice and beautiful of course) We went to the port and sat to watch the game... Brazil lost and I kind of thought the Brazilian boys were going to cry. They got a lot of apologies from the French that night. After we went to a club called Karement. Crazy ridiculous (as in ridiculously cool and ridiculously expensive). Took the first train home at 6 am. A little crazy. Finally got to celebrate Canada day when I met some also tired Canadians at the train station WOOOOOT.

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