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June 2006

Ahhh le Riviera

29 °C

I cant believe that just 3 days ago i got here, and was actually contemplating having come here. Things are going great, and I have some great friends here. Yes I am writing this blog here while they go out, but thats because we went out monday and tuesday, and i need a mid-week siesta before thursday. lol but the pubs are great, went to one called Waynes that is apparently pretty popular here... i dont know. The beach is amazing which is very weird... its full of giant *pebbles* as they like to say, packed with hundreds of people and right in front of a busy city... but somehow i did not want to leave that beach. The sea is very salty aka i actually float, and it drops off after about a meter. Would not want to lifeguard it. This weekend me, Roxanna, Fernando, Paloma and Farkhoum ( no idea how to spell this guys name ) are going to cannes for saturday and monaco for sunday. Im still hoping to go to Paris next weekend but am starting to scrap the idea of going to milan. It seems silly to go by myself when i could go to other places with these people... hmmm. Last night we went down to the beach to do nooooothing after the pub, but it was nice. Went to bed about430 thus i need to sleep. These people are machines. We went grocery shopping todayé thought id be french and bot lots of cheese, bread, wine, and... well... veggie steaks ( some things cant change).

Since I am always with ppl who speak spanish or portuguese, insteqd of thinking in french which sometimes will happen when you are immersed in it, i am thinking in english with a spanish accent. i try to turn it off but it doesnt work and it is extremely annoying. je suis fou.

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Make the French Person Smile


(for this entry i will make an effort to use the right keys, but please understand, it is not easy)

Everyone seems to think the French are rude people... I disagree. I have experienced many very friendly and heplful french people, and i think the reason people get the idea that they are so rude is because they arenùt used to randomly smiling orsaying bonjour to someone passing by- its not rude its just not customary.

SO, on that note, I have a new game to entertain me. Its called make the french person smile. Its pretty much me walking by people on the street smiling and looking at people as they go by: so fqr iùve got about 3 people to smile at me of about 200 or so? lol

going for lunch with the spanish girls now... woot!

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Getting to Europe

Dqy two has officially begun. or wait, day three... four? i have no idea what it is since i lost an evning on the flight to london. its kind of funny when they serve you supper, turn out the lights for two hours, then wake you up and serve you breakfqst and coffee.. hmm. Okay so Gatwick airport is very cool. Well the north terminal anyays, definitely couldve stayed there a bit longer. OH and I got to see the British driving on the other side of the roqd when the plane landed haha that got me pretty excited!!

Arriving in Nice was nuts. I didnt want to waste 90$ on a transfer, and figured i would try the buses since ,y info had the bus stops... except they werent very specific so i got off at the wrong stops and wandered nice for about é hours zaith a ton of luggage and my jacket and 30C... but iùm here! okay one more bad thing... is thqt okay?? Me and another guy in the course went out looking for food last night and i stubbed my toe reeeeeeeeeall nice. good and bloody and now its chunky. HAHA thought that was something i needed to share.

BUt my res is fine and the city is nice. I a, going now to write ,y placement test and breakfast§ see yq

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